Cutting the tenon cheeks in the rails

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Cut open mortise-and-tenons on your table saw using the shop-made jig shown in the inset. Refer to the dimensions suggested, making sure the thickness of the spacer and width of the brace enable the jig to slide along the rip fence without wobbling. Cut the body and brace from %-inch plywood and the guide and spacer from solid wood. Saw an oval hole for a handle in the jig body and attach the guide to the body in front of the handle. Screw a wood block to the body below the handle and attach a toggle clamp to the block. Finally, fasten the spacer and brace in place. To cut the tenon cheeks In the door rails, butt the workpiece against the guide and clamp it in place. Set the cutting height to the tenon length, position the fence to align one of the cutting marks on the rail with the blade and slide the jig along the fence to make the cut (above). Turn the rail around to cut the other cheek, then repeat the cuts at the other end of the rail and at both ends of the remaining rails.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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