Cutting the molding

Fit a molding head with bevel cutters and mount the head on your table saw. Install and notch an auxiliary wood fence (page 100), and position the fence for the desired profile. Secure the stock you will use to make the molding with two featherboards, clamping one to the fence above the blade, and a second to the saw table. Clamp a support board at a 90° angle to the second featherboard. Raise the cutters Vs inch above the table; do not make a full-depth cut in one pass. Press the stock against the fence as you slowly feed it into the cutters; finish the cut with a push stick. Reverse the board and repeat the cut on the other edge (left). Make as many passes as necessary, raising the cutters Ve inch at a time, until you have reached the desired depth of cut. Install a rip blade on the saw and cut the molding from both sides of the workpiece, as represented by the dotted lines in the illustration.

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How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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