Cutting the dovetail cheeks

Referring to the illustration below, fashion a template for the legs. The grain should follow the slope of the leg, the top and bottom ends must be perpendicular, and the spread of the legs must be less than the diameter of the top. Once the template is complete, saw along the top end of the leg on the band saw. Next, cut the dovetails in the legs in two steps, cutting the cheeks on your table saw and the shoulders by hand. Adjust the table saw's blade angle to match that of the sockets you cut in the column and set the cutting height to slightly less than the depth of the sockets. Outline the dovetails on the edge of one leg blank and, holding the blank on end on the saw table, align a cutting mark with the blade. Butt the rip fence against the stock and lock it in place. Clamp a shimmed featherboard to the table and a guide block to the blank. Make a pass to cut one cheek (left), then rotate the blank and feed the opposite face along the fence to saw the other. Check the resulting dovetail against a socket in the column. If necessary, adjust the cutting width or blade angle or height and make another set of passes. Repeat for the remaining dovetails.










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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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