Assembling the legs rails and trestle

Notch the trestle for the cleat, then screw the cleat in place. Clamp the cleat to a work surface, fit the legs and rails together, and position the legs against the trestle. The legs and rails are joined to the trestle with bolts and cross dowels. To make the connections, drill two pilot holes for bolts through each leg and rail into the end of the trestle (above). Locate the holes so they pass through the rail, rather than below it, in the notched portion of the stock. Next, bore two holes near each end of the trestle for cross dowels as you did in the leg (page 65), then bolt the legs and rails to the trestle (inset).

7 Preparing the top

Before fastening the top to the rails, round over its top and bottom edges and ends. Lay the top face up on a work surface and start by rounding the corners slightly with a sanding block. Then install a piloted Ji-inch round-over bit in a router and set the depth of cut to shape the top's edges in two passes. Press the bit's pilot bearing against the stock as you feed the router counterclockwise along the edges and ends of the top (right). Turn the top over and repeat the process with a '/2-inch round-over bit to shape the bottom edges and ends.

8 Attaching the top to the rails

Leave the top face down on the work surface and position the rail-and-leg assembly on it. Use an awl to mark the screw holes through the rails on the underside of the top, then drill a pilot hole for a screw at each point. Make sure the bit does not penetrate the top's upper surface. Reposition the rails on the top and screw them in place (left).

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