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The tables in Plate ii are extreme tahoret pat-terns. They are appropriate for special pur-poses in the home, especially in the living and sewing-room and in bedrooms.

We approach cabinet construction in these designs, in it we should make such use as seems practicable of the theory put forwurd in "Architectural Composition" by Professor John Beverly Robinson, in The Architectural BeoOVd, where he suggests the three-part combination in good architectural designs. This theory is sum marized in the chapter on Form and Vn>portkm in the author*s book, "JftM/bhiM in Wood Turning." In the introduction to this volume its application to furniture design is dimmsmd.

It will be noted that there is a measure sequence and a dominant men&uve in the designs in Plate 9. The vertical space is not divided up gwmeiric&tty, but a gradation in space widths is nevertheless apparent This gradation^ l\owe\er, is not in all eases sequential, nor need it be.


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How To Sell Furniture

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