Urk Design Kor Schools And Shops

plaeu chiefly hi ility rather than such condition«, ing in quality as BOrative make-up 'iisideration, also, • walls and serves urc. In the liv-it will find such •efully as a piece lesign. Its lines shape and pro-rominent setting nd its fittings in »n it has and the occupy a place nearer the bottom than the top to make it an appropriate hanging piece and because of the extensiveness of the cabinet portion the upper part should be left entirely open.

These ends are accomplished by allowing the hack above the top shelf greater width than the width of the apron rail or portion of the back below the bottom of the cabinet or, in some constructions, the space below the bottom shelf. Further assistance is rendered in Ibis direction by leaving an additional open space above the cabinet for bric-a-brac or books. When this space is not utilized in this way the back above the top shelf should l>c quite wide as compared with the back below the. bottom of the main part

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