Tv Be Design Kor Schools And Shops

sign is possible and siinjdo book shelves ils with shelves be-truction. This may < perspective by pnt-r more shelves or by . plain or paneled, as tack board is not used • must Ik- secured by 1-mortise construction by otherwise fastening the ends. The lag or ion alone is not suffi-

Iwiok shelf and cab-

from that used in the shelves with a hack t at I) except that, doors arc added. A boi the bottom gives the ease a finish whu shelves do not have and makes it seem m dividual in character.

No particular suggestion can be givei gards t he dimensions of a excep that it should be deep enough to take a which it may have to hold. Eleven inc all is a good average depth. The pr< of the front will be most pleasing ^ height is approximately five feet six 11 the width is either considerably greatei height to give a running effect or rid produce a strong individuality in app

Much ingenuity may be shown in tl — <toor rail and stile



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