Some Details Worth Considering

leads to a consideration of the general subject of dividing up a space area. The previous statements regarding center of gravity, the place of apparent weight, and the unit of measure and its relation to the three-part design should not only lead the way to dividing up space areas properly, but should practically determine how any particular one should be divided.

One additional detail should be spoken of, however. It is often desirable to exaggerate length or width. This cannot always be done by alone making use of the foregoing principles. Any particular dimension may be emphasized by allowing bordering lines such as stiles or rails to extend thru. See Plate 23. In case the height is to be made most prominent, allow door stiles, instead of rails, to run thru and thus further elongate, in the direction of the height, any panels or other parts, such as rails, stiles, legs, etc. See Plate 23. In case the horizontal dimension is to be exaggerated, all horizontal lines possible will be run thru. See Plate 27. It may not be advisable from the standpoint of construction to run door rails thru horizontally. However, usually enough parts may be run thru horizontally to give the desired horizontal elongation.

8. It should always be remembered that, as a rule, one sees more than one surface of a piece of furniture when viewing it under ordinary conditions. Also a perspective view is seen by an observer rather than one which is shown by an orthographic projection drawing. Every possible allowance, therefore, should be made for differences between the pictured point-of-view and the actual point-of-view. In objects made to rest below the eye less will actually be seen of those parts nearest the floor than the orthographic drawing will show. For objects made to rest above the eye, the reverse is true. Furniture should be designed to meet this contingency. Compare perspective and working drawings, Plates 16 to 18. In this connection, too, it may be said that because at least two surfaces of a piece of furniture will usually be seen by any observer, there should be a continuity of line around it wherever this is permissible. Base-boards, cap-boards, mouldings, and divid-

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