Group Vi Screens


for llnve is twenty-two inches. The height should be ion screen from five feet six inches to six feet.

a lent- Modification drawing K shows a more compli-

opeii mar cated design. Ilere the vertical space is broken erns only. by a cross rail near the top and prominence is icled of ¡1 given the central panel by increasing its height, willi liur- In doing lliis. however, it is well to establish are lo he some common horizontal line. Note the position

An i'[>- of the division rail in the three panels. The craftsmen panel material in this screen is tacked on to the ion screen cilpes of a pine frame which is pressed into the irnducl. screen frame aiul I'asleiied hy means of long

( shows a m-ivw- driven through Hie stiles from the out-

eon ■ hie eili»es. The coiuitci-sHiik screw holes I mv

much opportunity for onginainy m parts and in making each part an attractive element in the whole design as there is in the larger screen. The height of these should be governed by their use. The sewing screen is used by one occupying a sitting position and all parts should be reached comfortably. Care should be taken not to get the lowest pockets too near the floor. The spool rail and shelf should be about twenty inches in height. The panels may be of some le material upon which the pockets are or pinned.

1 a heavier construction is shown in which rAnel may be wood. This screen can not >lded up in book fashion. It has this ad-i, however: the middle partition is wide co permit the manilla folders on the left " * • • ' 11 fill«.!

as to

The ciate tiled, grea worfc sere<

fire eallc fire desi ized onl;


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