Furniture Dkhkin For Bchoolh And Shops

Tb* inmehe* shown m Plate 26 are [>erhap* iremt hirpropruii* to halls* Uhmruti ami living rwttm Au attempt hau t***n made to »how mod* *-r«t**h i»ifht wu&rw<iiotM. Those of the box ♦rjifr *»r* ipv*H4 pft*rr&t*> that the spaee imuus <U*«teh ttti'W th* miy used as a recep-u»» * ^r*- t** t-xt-reined in deter-

if*»» tb* 1k* to get sufficient room tv tr+or* jwifwrtktoin for out-*** Note tlM* relation of rail«

the relative width« of rails in the mid-ih'»Uft*ntt<>ii ilrHWwut and ti*** relation of

It/** »'wiflfttf'd pntM'l. to tlie spaee Iwlow 'i Mt Uit'-i- imn)WenUnti t\viiwu\irs the upper one, is Ihts must top )tt*ff.

llenee the box tilioiiU! reach to a height distance lielow the »Mitral vartieml panel in beach and yet not so low as to make the wM? resemble a chest. it is not enough in miti^r* affecting *paee division to stop short of th** itr; bent relations, Theae ean only In» secured ty making many trials.

rile heavier ♦ lemehts 111 flit» !>«*lie|) p*-rwit iv\\i\u\K and keyed end*, the use #»i wlii.-/ !>e less tftquent&y employed in tin Ugfettra* / struetions. The ditnexuiioiH» of Ilse M ♦ ■hfst n.M'd not he von for Mi» Mats in Plate 25 lio\\r\t r. a \s\i\th is permbm&HK






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stiles running below the box for feet rather than separate pieces to serve as such. If the chest comes to the floor a rail or base-board should be used at the bottom to give the whole a foundation and to furnish a moulding between the floor and the vertical sides of the chest. Again a careful study of the panel spaces should be made. The bottom panel rail and the moulding rail together must occupy a greater width than the top panel rail. That portion of the bottom panel rail which shows should be wider, also, than the rail in the center, but not necessarily wider than the upper panel rail.

The top modification drawing could quite as

Plate 27

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