Furniture Design For Sciiools And Shops

From tlir standpoint of design tin* eosturner, like 'In* «erven» is given comparative attention hy furniture designers. 1'erhf is It*ss op port unity for rich e fleets in for tin» pin-»* of furniture than in to; iuorc conspicuous pieees used in a I this as it may, the writer whs muck i ¡it the time this l>ook was in proeew of to learn Irorn a hotel proprietor in a western city that a particular cost inner used in one of his hotels whs procured as the result of a speeial design. He sahi that he was unable To liinl anything in stock which was 1*>th simple and artisti«*. This would surest that there may he some reason for exereisinjr eaiv in tin* desicrji of some types of furniture not ordinarily reeeivintr mu«'h attention hy eomiuereial designers.

The designs shown on Plat»- :>."> air triven t<> surest the possibilities ill simple line patterns. Any one of the three is simply eonstrm-ted and may he modified in many ways l»y ehan^im:

the pmjHirtimtK and sli ape of p^rt)i wtfteflt! el i -i » i L' 111 Lf tli* paUeMI em» f i I ||\ ,

  • n t^iprrlne driiwiritf kJioWs h t-nMiJTff-r of two fournis btilvr«! t.>L^ïlor lenirfhu^ fastened by nrrews to n Imijs* ttoard. ï board* on lie sid» -s to the ir
  • tiv»lNrss of the lirsjtfit ï-y tfi \JliC it î \ raranee of ««nihility A \er'ie;il p -substituted for the two upright hoard* This suion in carried out in the rlryt 1 the two modjtïeatlfHi drawitijfv Here the right is heavier than necessary .-

might l>e made of four thirds Fastened te^tK-with luitt joint or mitred corners. The has«-& this design is made of two hoards halved If tret her. These are lifte-other hoards which ser sut f et

The design in the r'urht hand in ■ li:i drawing is similar to ■

»ifsitrn except that the I-.i-\\ it h a lnw rail fastene a< tli«* outside of a trny for umlmtlh ruhhers.


vii in th" design shown are all orge shop. The .stieli ¡is lo allow from the lowest r hottoin board, hull. Those in

Plate 35 may be used in this part of the home but are more particularly appropriate for rooms. A much heavier construction is shown in Plate 36. Nothing need be said concerning this, however, in addition to what has been offered in connection with Plate 35 designs.




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