Furniture Design For Schools And Shops

izc the vertical surface ami in part to hoi closer to the wall than it would otherwise »

To further keep the cabinet in close relal with the wall it should not extend far into t room. A depth of six or seven inches shoi lie regarded as a maximum for this dimcnsL.., The wall dimensions may well approximate a si|iiare, always, however, avoiding this as an exact shape. The shape of the wall space tilled by the cabinet will determine whether the horizontal or vertical dimension should be greatest. From et to thirty inches will prove enough for ¡e horizontal and vertical distance* undor ry conditions. The paneling of the ihwr le number of doors will make one of the* ccs more prominent thnn the other. Note iphasis in width in both of the modified Irawiugs because of the long horizontal I'nnrin. A vertical stile in tin- center of either of these doors would greatly change the general appearance by giving more prominence to verti cal lines and at the same time by detracting from the interest in width.

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