Furniture Design For Schools And Shops

Plate '¿2 shows rather heavy craft sideboard«. Particular attention is called to the harm line in the very simple modeling of lines; ■ the close adherence to the principle of "I of line" set forth in "Problems in Fun Making." by the author. A division of is made to secure a dominant element ncn. front central point in all designs except the shown in perspective. It will Iks noted, , that there is no exact geometrical repetition or progression in succeeding similar parts and that, by means of wide or long spaces at the bottom. Sty is secured even tho the Imttom portion e cabinet is at a considerable distance front loor.

e sideboard should range from five to six 'en six feet, six inch«-* in length with a i of twenty to twenty-four inches and * height of something over thn* fiwt mi, however, more than three feet, sis inches should be used for the height.


aries shown in both iu elements may be used as perspective is . The top mod-table to l>e used o are more sug-ig-table usually oorn, or private asional only for writing, principally, and study incidentally, if at all. No comment need be made upon any features in the designs other than those previously made. The table height should 1>C thirty inches; the depth not less than nineteen or twenty inches and preferably nearer two feet to give plenty of table surface. The length may be made anything within four feet and six inches, but should be studied carefully in relation to the depth, which is the one other variable dimension, to give good proportions.

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