Furniture Design For Schools And Shops

No otlu+r piece of furniture is more ponu1nr with the average student in a class in fu making, perhaps, limn the stool. It very serves iis a last project in a one year's -working course, (Vrtainly it often find* a at the lieginning of a year's work in fur anil cabinet-making. The possibility of i in design is very great ami in the forty*«1 more designs which are shown in this group an effort has been made to present a rather unusual number of unique and pleasing outlines.

Uniqueness is not a test of good design. When, however, one produces a pleasing effect and at the same time develops something which is unusual, but not erratic or extreme, he may lay claim to having produced a design which will command attention if not respect. It will usually command both attention and respect.

Plate 10 given suggestions for simple box-tup t«, The following average dimensions, if i will secure n piece of furniture of good >ortion and one which will lie ¡serviceable: iuhl, fourteen to Mixteen inches, length, > ji/Ii en to twenty-two inches, and width, al>oiit lif* ^en inches. In ease this «tool is to he iwed rtfl a receptacle for a mhoe-shining outfit, it should have a foot*rest on the under side of the movable part of the cover. The height of the top from the floor when the cover is hinged in position to use as a foot-rest should not be more than fourteen inches.

One design shows a tray at the bottom. It is used in connection with the box at the top for shoes and rubbers, the tray serving as a place to receive wet and soiled foot-wear.

Plate 10 43

Pint«» 11 shows modifications and modeling of parts in a miuava-topped stool, nppToximately **»jri»t«*»'n inches high and from twelve to ioxiriwti imlwn Mimrt*. There would be no objection to making the top oblong instead of stjuare, In fhis case the height would decrease slightly and fI»** length and width would average tift*M ii and twenty inches respectively.

In the perspective the top is shown as woven. Either leather cord or cane may l>e used over a square frame whirh sets down on cleats fastened to the inside of the rails, A solid pieee of leather might also be used, stretched over the edges of the frame and fH&teiietl yiufcrtivnth.

Plate 11 45

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