Furniture Design Fok Schools And Shops

Plates 39 and 40 Rive suggestion« for lnrge upright and rocking-chairs* As our homes are usually furnished today such chairs find their places in the library and living-mo* eipally* For the most part these chai be titted with seat and back mshior little attention is given to the placing in the hacks above the seat line except purpose of strength. In the upright ch sides arc well filled with rails and slat», is nut so much for strcnglh ns fur the piii-p of unity in design. The finikin«?*» of sueh chain rails for a rather heavy tilling of spares* It will b* noticed that the rocking-chair sd? mes arc not m sorely brae^d a* ivrrc ihr ■ frames of most of thv upright chairs, easily those for dining-room The fact thtf rocker sets as a tie rod at the bottom tad t there is little possibility of racking « kcr when one hmu hark in it - :rj i of this modification.

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