Esign For Schools And Shops

rucks are In shape the box umbrella rack should vary from the vertical to the taper which gives a

Plate 19 is square at the top slightly than the size of offer much the bottom l>oard. The height should be such n except in as to allow the handle and a small portion of

îould be aim- the umbrella ribs to extend above the top edge, ith a bottom A variation from the box type is shown in e water which the last of the modification drawings where the he pan should sides are made in the form of a frame*


There is a greater opportunity for mo< tions and a change in arrangement of pari* the skeleton type of rack shown in Plate 20 than in thé liox rack. This may be made either square or oblong to be lined in a aingle room < tor general house use. The design mav 1 changed to produce a long narrow raek \ will answer the purpose of an umbrella receptacle for public buildings.

Particular attention should be paid to the i i up of the large opea spae** on thi< .siih-^ example given »uggest possibility k>fh :ti ami modeled line dividing-strips* The >Hou of »oinc parts on the end should br i W keep it in harmony with Ihe suh ; aper in the box type givea a ba-sic effect to a nuk. In (he wkeldon typ»* some addition»] width should he given the bottom of the vertical side and end-filling strips to produce the same effect.

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