Linecuts in Text


1 old wooden pins 51

2 contours of moldings s3

14 Illustrations tigu&b page

3 table tops and leaves 55

4 incorrect restoration of table top 56

5 drop-leaf table joints 57

6 correct and incorrect edges of table tops 58

7 the joining of boards of table tops 59 7a the joining of boards of table tops 60

8 end cleats on old tavern table tops 62

9 foot and stretcher of tavern table 63

10 incorrect restorations of tavern table feet 64

11 restoring stretchers of tavern tables 65

12 seats of windsor chairs with wedged leg-ends 75

13 wedges of windsor chair legs 76

14 making a new bow for a windsor chair 79

15 making a comb for a windsor chair 80

16 butterfly hinge 126

17 h hinges 126

18 h l hinge and rat-tail hinge 127

19 strap hinges 127

20 layers of old paint 139

21 the shrinkage of turnings 143

knowing, collecting and restoring early american furniture

Chapter I

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