Veneers In Furniture Restoration

When we began to restore furniture, we discovered a number of uses for a knowledge of veneering. First, we found that old, severely damaged veneers often had to be replaced. The 1852 dresser we restored during the writing of this book was a good example of that. Next, we found that sometimes we could take a plain piece of sound hardwood furniture, the kind that was made for utility rather than appearance, and upgrade it to a beautiful piece by veneering all or part of it. Finally, we constantly faced jobs requiring repairs of existing veneers.

Veneering, we discovered, is fun, and it isn't difficult. We received a lot of satisfaction standing back to survey the work after applying a beautiful veneer to an old beat-up tabie top. We suddenly felt like very proficient craftsmen, and our first impulse was to call people over to see what we'd done.

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