Veneer Preparation

Often, veneers come to you in a curly, buckled condition. This is especially true of burls and crotches. They look as though ihey had been wet and then had curled as they dried. It is easy to flatten veneers in this condition. Just sprinkle them generously with water, lay brown kraft paper over them (and between sheets of them), and put heavy weights on top of them. Let the sheets dry for 24 hours or so. Sometimes, if the buckles are severe, you may have to repeat this treatment several titties before the sheets flatten out completely. Wait for a few days after flattening any veneer before using it. All veneer must lie absolutely dry before you apply it to a surface. Damp (even mildly damp) veneer may shrink as it dries. If you have mounted the material, and shrinkage occurs, this shrinkage can cause cracks, splits and blisters.

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