Varnished Finishes

Fine scratches on varnished surfaces often can be removed by buffing with 8/0 or

10/0 sandpaper. Deep scratches are tougher to handle, since varnish can't be rca-malgamatcd. You may be able to use the artist's brush to paint a number of coats of varnish in the scratch, gradually building it up to the same level as the surrounding surface. Finish the repair by rubbing it with fine sandpaper.

Much of the success of this repair depends on the color of the varnish. The original varnish may have been colored, or it may have discolored since application. Begin the repair with clear varnish and observe what happens. You may have to switch to a colored varnish, and then the problem becomes one of selecting the right color. We suggest you increase the intensity of color slightly with each succeeding coat and keep^careful watch over the result.

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A surface covered with scratches need not be totally refinished. Before you lake drastic measures, try reamalgamation Apply new varnish to the scratch Then reamalgamate

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