The Ljoint

Just about as simple as the T-joint, the L-joint is used to make corncrs. The end of one piece of wood is lapped across the end

A mitre joint creates an attractive finished corner One way to reinforce the joint is to insert dowel pins before gluing.

of another picce of wood, and fasteners arc driven through to hold the two together. The L-joint is stronger than the T-joint, but not much. Simple wooden boxes are made this way, with the sides lapped over and nailed to the ends. An important variation of this joint is the mitered joint, where each of the ends to he joined is cut at a 45-degree angle before being fitted together. Most picture frames arc made with mitered corncrs, which have a neat appearance but can't take much stress.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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