Taking Precautions

Where to Work An important element in safe stripping is your choice of a work area. Because of the vapor problem, the safest place is outside in the yard, or in the garage with the door open. In these areas the ventilation problem is solved, and so is the problem of working near open flame. The basement is bad place to work, and so is a closed room in the house.

What to Wear You must protect yourself from splashes of the chemical. Just being careful while and how you work isn't enough, because accidental spills and splashes can be expected. Wear rubber gloves, preferably the long type that also protect your w rists. Wear safety glasses to keep splashes out of your eyes. Wear a rubber or plastic bib-type apron, so that chemicals splashed on your front won't soak into your clothes. Do not wear canvas or cloth shoes.

How to Proceed Begin by reading the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Read every word on the label, and read any brochures available at the store. In this book, we give generalized instruction only. The label gives specific instructions for that specific product. Since all products have somewhat different formulations, these specific instructions are the ones to follow. The manufacturer wants you to get safe, satisfactory results from the product, and the instructions were written to achieve that end.

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