Stripped Unstained Furniture

if your furniture piece is now stained, you are striving for a final color that really will be a combination of the color of the stain plus the effect of the final finish coat. You probably realize by now that the final finishing material usually produces a color deeper than that of the stain alone. If the final finishing material lias any color of its own, the ultimate color will be even deeper. This is why we have recommended from the beginning that you conduct tests as you proceed.

Testing for Color These tests take lime, but Ihey are simple enough. All you have to do is stain and finish a small sample of wood of the same species as (he furniture. Every species reacts characteristically to stains and finishes. A walnut stain on walnut, for example, produces a deep, warm walnut color. The same stain on oak, pine or mahogany produces a different color. And then, when a finish coat is applied, the color may change again.

The point to keep uppermost in your mind is that no matter how beautifully you have repaired the piece, you will either love or hate it next month, depending on whether or not the final color and finish pleases you. And since you already have invested a good many hours in this project, you should be willing to spend a few more at this time to guarantee a pleasing result.

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