Step Varnishing Carved Pieces

Carved areas offer a special problem. When you varnish across them, you put too light a coat on the high spots and too much in the low spots. If you dab at them, you create bubbles in the finish. The best way is to smoothly brush varnish over the carving, and then go back with a dry brush {this means you don't dip it in the can after discharging the last load on the surface) and gently lift the varnish from the low spots. This is rather like wiping up the excess varnish. Wipe the excess from the

The patterned approach is one way to apply varnish In this method, you have alternate varnished and unvarnished strips. Then till in.
To prevent runs when you varnish round parts such as legs and rungs apply less thick a coat than you do on a flat surface

brush on the lip of the can and continue the process until the coating appears even.

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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