Step Trimming the Edges

Allow the cement to set for a couple of hours, to make a firm bond. Then trim the edges of the veneer to match the panel underneath. The best method is to use the veneer saw and a straightedge laid dow n carefully and clamped in place. Be sure your saw cut is exactly at the edge or you may ruin the whole job.

You also can trim the edges with a sharp craft knife, but if you do, be sure to cut against the grain. If you cut with the grain, the knife may follow the grain, start to cut into the body of the veneer, and crcatc ugly sharp spikes that you will have to repair. When using a knife for rhis purpose, make small peeling cuts rather than long cuts.

After the edge of the veneer is trimmed to match the edge of the wood under it, use fine grade sandpaper to finish the job. It usually is best to make a sanding block of the appropriate size, depending on the shape of the edges you are dealing with. In our project, we found that the edge of one of our hand sanders happened to fit perfectly along the edge of the drawer panels.

Round off the top of each edge very slightly, and also sand the sharp point of each corner just a little.

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