Step Three Second Backtofront Strands

You are now going to repeat Step One. That is, you are going to put strands from back to front in the same holes that you did in Step One. The only difference is that you will position each strand so that it lies to the right of the strand already in that hole. Don't worry if the new strands won't stay to the right and tend to overlap a little. This will be corrected later.

As a general rule, it is best not to lay double strands over the short strands at the left and right sides. You can do it if you

In Slep Three, put in the second set of vertical strands. The second strands go through the same holes as the lirst ones did. but are piaced to the right ol the first ones These also are simply laid on top of the other strands, with no weaving

like, but it may cause some crowding during the later weaving.

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