Step The Second Coat

Sand the first enamel coat after it has dried, and apply the second coat in the same manner as the first.

If you live in a humid area — the ocean-side, for example — you might want to allow a couple extra hours.

When the surface is covered, go over the coal the other way. with the tips of the brush, to smooth out the brush strokes as you go

HOW TO APPLY You can buy an-AN ANTIQUE tique glazing kits GLAZING that contain the ba sic materials needed: a color enamel for the base coat, a glaze for the final coat, and a sealer. Antique glazing is a two-step process in which you first apply an enamel coat in a selected color, and then brush a glazing material of a different (usually darker) color over the enamel coat. The "antique look" is achieved by wiping this glaze before it dries, and the final results really depend on how you do this wiping. The idea is to wipe the glaze so that it shades from a light color in the center of a panel to a darker color at the edges, which is the way the finish would look if it had darkened its appearance due to age and wear.

Antiquers use a wide variety of wiping tools to achieve various effects: wadded paper towels, sponges, squeegees, rubber ink rollers, folded cloth pads — anything to both wipe and to create a pattern in the glaze. There are a number of wiping tools you can buy for such purposes as creating a wood grain effect.

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