Step Soaking And Cutting The Webbing

The webbing should be soaked in a solution of warm water and glycerine (1 Vi ounces of glycerine per pint of water) for about an hour before cutting and before application to the seat. Soak the splining at the same time.

After soaking the cane, lay it on your pattern with the glossy side of the cane facing up. Line up the guidelines on the pattern with the holes in the webbing; cut out the piece for the seat. A heavy-duty scissors is the easiest cutting tool for this job. (A tin snip works fine.) Follow the outer edge of the pattern, the line you drew that is about an inch from the tracing of the groove.

Soak the webbing for an hour in a warm-water-and-glycerine solution Soak the splining at the same time

Transfer the outline from the pattern to the cane webbing by drawing with a felt pen. Remember that you will transfer the outer line on the pattern and cut on that line „

Now. with a heavy duty scissors, cut the webbing to size The softened cane cuts easily.

After soaking, place the webbing on the paper pattern

Carefully align the holes running from the back to the front of the webbing with the guideline on the pattern

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