Step Smoothing the Patch

When the dent has filled, use a small flexible spatula, heated in a flame to smooth the surface. To heat the blade, use the flame from a gas stove or Sterno canned heat. Don't use a candle because carbon will gather on the blade and will discolor the patch.

Step 4: Trimming the Patch After the shellac has cooled, use a single-edge razor blade or a very sharp wide-bladed chisel to carefully trim the rounded top down to the level of the surface. The last step is to buff the surfacc with an 8/0 or 10/ 0 sandpaper.

Apply the hot spatula blade to the stick of shellac as you hold it over the repair. Allow the shellac to drip into the repair or lift some of the soft shellac with the blade

Use the spatula blade to smooth out the shellac On an edge repair also use it to shape the shellac to the same shape as the edge

You will have to hoid the spatula blade in the flame of the Sterno several times during the shaping to reheat it When the blade cools, 'twill not work ihe shellac, which hardens quickly
Keep heating the knife and smoothing the surface of the stick shellac as long as necessary You wan I the surface of the patch smooth and level with Ihe area surrounding it
Finally, finish the job by sanding ihe surface of the patch with a 400 grit sandpaper You can apply lacquer, varnish or shellac over the patch if necessary

HOW TO STEAM Sometimes a shal-A SHALLOW low dent can be DENT steamed out of the wood, or even made to swell back to the original shape by an application of water. This technique is particularly useful if the dent is located in the middle of a table top.

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