Step Removing the Char

your pocket knife blade to carefully scrape the char away. Keep at it until undamaged wood appears. (You also can use a little hand grinder for this work, with an abrasive wheel in the chuck.)

Step 2: Filling in the Area When you have removed the char, you will have an indentation, sometimes fairly deep. The remainder of the repair consists of filling this indentation and then refinish-ing the surface. If the indentation is shallow, you may be able to use varnish, shellac or lacquer as the filler. If it is deep, you should use stick shellac, stick lacquer or other filler.

A shallow dent To fill the shallow dent, paint coal after coat of the finish material (the same material the piece is now finished with) into the indentation. Use an artist's brush, and allow each coat to dry before applying the next one. This is a slow process, and you could apply several dozen layers, -but the result is worth the effort. Note lliat this works best when all the blackened area has been removed. If any black remains, it may show through the patch.

A deep dent To fill a deep indentation, use the same techniques as for any dent or gouge, described below.

The scraping takes longer than you might think The surface char comes off easily Then, keep scraping until al! signs of black discoloration are gone In most cases, a little stain restores the color after scraping. If the char is very deep, use slick shellac to till the crater

HOW TO REMOVE A cigarette burn is CIGARETTE an ugly thin« that BURNS may or may not be a serious repair problem, depending on the depth of the burn. In the best cases, the burn damages only the finish itsĂȘlf. hi the worst cases, the burn goes down into the wood and produces a charred trench.

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