Step Preventing Reoccurance

After the warp is gone, prevent its return by tapping and gluing thin shims into the saw kerfs. These should hold it flat.

To begin the repair, cut saw kerfs in the underside of the piece. Dampen the top: then turn ihe piece over and force it fiat
To prevent the return of the warp insert narrow shims mto the kerfs These will force the wood to its original flat shape

To fix casters that drop out of their sockets, lift out the socket with an awl and a hammer. The collar of the socket has teeth embedded in the leg. Drive the awl between the teeth.

HOW TO FIX Nothing is quite as OR REPLACE annoying as a east-CASTERS er that drops out of the leg every time you roll or lift the furniture — and few furniture problems are as easy to solve. You probably won't even have to buy new casters.

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