Step Preparing the Surface In

Apply the solvent with a brush or a soft pad The finish will soften and spread out The dark line on this clock marks the difference between treated and untreated sections.

Foggy Finishes / How to Repair Scratches on the Surface 101

level out during the drying process. Make continuous applications, keeping the surface wet until the softening starts. At that point, the finish material will begin to flow over the surfacc. When you see an even film over the whole surface, stop applying the solvent and allow the finish to dry. Make the last application in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

Step 3: Finishing the Job To complete the re amalgamation, apply a new coat of shellac or lacquer over the entire finish, allow it to dry, and then rub it down with 4/0 steel wool or 8/0 sandpaper. Step 4: Buffing the Surface

Although these surfaces dry to the touch in a short time, they should be allowed to set completely before the final buffing. To be safe, wait until the next day. Then buff with very fine steel wool.

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