Step Preparing The Cane

Be careful when handling dry cane; it may have sharp edges which can give you nasty cuts similar to paper cuts.

Cane is softened by soaking in a water and glycerine mixture before you weave with it. Use about 1 Vi ounces of glycerine to each pint of warm water, and allow each strand of cane to soak at least ยก5 minutes. You'll need a couple of quarts of this mixture.

Pull a strand from the hank of cane and form it into a coil about 6 or 8 inches in diameter. Now squeeze the coil into a bow and clamp the bow with a spring clothespin. Drop this clamped bow into the bucket containing the glycerine and water mixture. Remember to keep ahead of yourself as you weave. Begin by soaking 3 or 4 bows, and as you use these, form new ones and drop ihem into the bucket, so there are always several bows that are

Roil a small sheet ol sandpaper tighlly to make a device for sanding any sharp edges on the holes. Sharp edges might cut into the cane.

soaked, pliable and ready to be applied.

As you weave, the wet cane will dry out. Keep handy a cellulose sponge soaked in glycerine-water mixiure so that, as the cane dries, you can remoisten it.

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