Step Final Finishing

After you have applied all coats, dip a pad in denatured alcohol and wring it out so that it is no more than damp-dry. Whisk this cloth over the surface to eliminate excess oil and any pad marks that you might have left. Be cautious during this operation, because the alcohol can soften the shellac, and that's not what you want. This is a type of reamalgamation of the surface; it requires little more than a hint of the alcohol in order to work.

Reamalgamation And Shellac

Applying enamel is similar to applying varnish. If you are recoating a piece already enameled, remember that the new coat will not adhere properly to the old glossy surface. Either sand the old surface or use a "deglosser" liquid on it so the new coat has tooth

You don't brush out an enamel You lay it down in a full coat, sighting across the surface to see that you are covering properly. Brush marks disappear as the enamel dries

Color Choice When buying enamels today, you have an absolutely unlimited color choice, since your dealer can custom mix the color you want. The only problem posed by this amazing range of color choices is that the final decision can be difficult. You must look at small color chips, with only tiny variations from chip to chip, to make your selection. Our only advice is that it helps to have selected a color in advance and to bring a sample of the color in. Matching a sample is much easier than picking a color without a guide. The sample color can be from wallpaper, a fabric, even from a magazine or book illustration.

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