Reamalgamation for lacquer and shellac is the same, except that the solvent is different in each case. With lacquer, use lacquer thinner. With shellac, use denatured alcohol.

each case, begin by making sure the finish is free of all wax and dirt. To prevent streaking and to permit the solvent to stay in place while it softens the surface, reamalgamation should be done on a horizontal surface. The solvent will run on a verti cal surface and become uneven. Step 2: Applying the Solvent

Then apply the solvent, using cither a brush or a soft pad. Brash application is the easiest. Use the brush gently to avoid excessive brush marks. Minor ones will

Before reamalgamating a piece, identify the finish on which you are working First use denatured alcohol to test for shellac, then use lacquer thinner to test for lacquer

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