Shrinking Stretched Cane

Once in a while we find cane seats that have sagged a little. These can be shrunk back to normal shape using glycerine and water. Use the same mixture employed in caning — I Vi ounces of glycerine to a pint of warm water.

The procedure is as follows. Turn the

Repaired and refinished. the rocker is ready for caning. We set the piece up on metal sawhorses tilted against a wall, to bring the work to a convenient height. If you work in an uncomfortable position, you will end up with fatigue and sore muscles

chair over, with the scat on a table. Put plenty of old newspapers under the seat. Now brush the glycerine and water solution on the cane generously, but as much as possible avoid getting it on the wood. (The wood will get wet. Just don't let it get too wet, and wipe off any water as soon as you can.) After a few minutes, the canc should be well soaked. Turn the chair right side up and allow it to dry. In most cases, the cane will shrink and tighten as it dries.

Another method is to apply towels soaked in the glycerine and water.solution to the cane while covering any exposed wood with plastic wrap. After about 15 minutes, the wet towels will have soaked the cane and can be removed. With either method, you may have to soak the canc several times to remove all of the sag.

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