Replacing a Rocking Chair Runner

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Rocking chair runners are made in three ways. In some chairs, the runner is cut from hardwood and bent to a curved shape: in others, it is cut from hardwood in the curved shape, so no bending is required. In yet others, the runner is made by laminating three curved pieces together. If you must replace a runner, use the third method; lamination works best because it requires no bending and at the same time produces a strong unit.

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces First make a pattern from the side of the existing rocker runner of from the pieces of the broken runner. Next, trace this pattern three times on hardwood boards each of which isone-third the thickness of the runner. (Use '/t-or -Vk-inch boards for most runners). Place the pattern on each board so that the grains of the cutouts do not all run in the same direction. When the three are laminated, the criss-crossing grains will provide strength and protection against breakage.

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