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Manufactured in United States of America

Current printing {last digit) 10 9 8 7

Editor: Shirley M. Horowitz

Associate Editor: Gail N. Kummings

Art Director: Léone Lewensohn

Designers: Léone Lewensohn, Paul Sochacki

Additional Illustrations: Norman Nuding

Cover design: Jerry Demoney

Cover photo: David Arky

Furniture on cover: Courtesy Evergreen Antiques

1249 Third Avenue New York, NY 10021

We wish to extend our thanks to the many designers, companies, and other contributors who allowed us to use their materials and gave us advice. Their names, addresses, and individual identifications of their contributions can be found on page 159.

ISBN: 0-932944-52-3 (paperback) ISBN: 0-932944-51-5 (hardcover) LC: 81-69640






About the Cover

The chest on the cover is an excellent exam-pie of good factory-nnade furniture ot the American "Golden Oak Period," circa 1880-1910 We found it in a garage where it had been stored for 16 years. Here is a summary of its history Purchased in 1901 for a gentleman's bedroom, it served until he died In 1963. The mirror was missing we tracked it to Ihe family member who had antiqued i! and was using It as a wall mirror She was willing to part with it. The "safe" compartment door had been damaged when pried open during a burglary before the owner's death.

Our work list included these repair jobs: new dowels to hold (he mirror lyre to the top; new casters: repair of a chipped foot: repair of the "sale" door edge and the lock; restoration of the wooden back of the mirror new drawer guides and stops, replacement of one drawer pu!i and complete relinking All of these processes are detailed in this book

The restored piece should be good for a couple of generations of service The total cost, including the purchase, restoration malerials, and an allowance for work time, was around S150 The present market value of the piece is difficult to estimate, but is probably between $600 and S800 and it will rise as the piece ages

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