Reconsidering The Final Finish

This is the time to review your decision on how to finish the piece, and here are considerations to take into account. 1, Do you want to duplicate the finish that was on the piece, or put on something different? The original finish may have been lacquer. You can relacquer it, or finish it in varnish.

  1. Are you concerned about special problems? For example, it' the piece is a table that will be in regular use, you might want to apply a surface finish that will resist blooming. Shellac and lacquer bloom quickly if a wet glass is put on them. Varnishes, and especially varnishes designed for bar tops, resist these white blooming marks.
  2. Do you prefer a glossy or a satin surface? You can buy gloss, semi-gloss and satin in most finishes (but not shellac). You also can control the gloss during the final sanding and hand rubbing operations.
  3. Do you want a deep transparent finish, the result of many coats of clear finish? If so, you can choose among lacquer, shellac, varnish, plastic.

As we said much earlier, the secret is to know what look you want to achieve in order to choose a new finish that will please you. With this ultimate look firmly in mind, read through these pages and decide (or confirm the earlier decision) how to achieve the final appearance you want. Dream a little. Sec the finished piece in your mind. Then work to make the fantasy a reality.

The goal, at this time, is to have a piece of furniture that is sound, well-glued, evenly colored, and smooth of surface. Any imperfections will show suddenly after the first coat of finish is applied, and although additional sanding at that time will correct them, it is better if you can avoid this last-minute correction work.

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