Alligatored finish 100

Antiquing 124

Bentwood furniture repair 63

Bleaching stains 86

Cane seats and backs 135

Caster repair and replacement 66

Chair seats 58

Cigarette burns 80

Dents and gouges 97

Disassembling types of furniture 49

Disassembling joints 47

Doweled joints 41

Drawers, rebuilding 52

Edges and corners, broken 61

Enamelling 123

Foggy finish 101

French polish 122

Identifying and testing existing finish 77 Lacquering 118 Mitered corners 44 Oil finish 121

Penetrating resin application 119

Sandpaper and sanding tools 45

Sanding stripped wood 108

Sanding techniques 48

Shellacking 121

Stains and blemishes 79

Steaming dents 98

Stick shellac 99

Strippers, safety measures 103

Stripping off the old finish 104

Surface scratches 101

Tenons — loose, cracked or broken 57

Tung oil application 120

Varnishing 115

Veneer application 125

Veneer repair 60, 83

Warped surfaces 66

Water rings 99

Wax finishing 120

Wood fillers 110

Wood stains 89,111

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