Problems With the Fitting of Pieces

Wood is, in many ways, like a sponge. It absorbs water when the humidity is high and gives it up when the humidity is low. Wood used in furniture making—and in making kits—is kiln dried and delivered to the maker at a specific moisture content, and the pieces of a kit are shaped at this moisture level. They arc made to fit together snugly and accurately.

Once the glue has dried. sand all the pieces thoroughly. No brand of unfinished furniture comes in a condition that is ready to stain. Your sanding should be thorough

As a rule, kit makers box their kits and store them under controlled conditions until the day of shipment. But during shipping and after they arrive at your house, the parts are exposed to a different set of climatic conditions. Usually, the parts absorb moisture from the air and swell slightly. If they were made to fit accurately in the first place, they now become just a little too big. Or if they are now exposed to high temperatures and low humidity, they may shrink a little and become just a little too small.

The instructions usually cover the problem and tell you what to do about it. The point is. don't get discouraged if the parts of your expensive furniture kits don't fit the way you thought they should. There is a good reason for the problem, and also a solution for it.

The pieces of fine wood kils are manufactured carefully, but because of humidity changes, you may have to do some sanding.
Once you have sanded the join; dry fit ihe pieces. Work until the li; is satisfactory, then glue Ihe pieces carefully.

All surfaces should be linished. We finished the butler's table when assembly was completed. However, this low-boy has interior spaces that we linished before the top was installed.

Defective Farts Rarely, when the pieces are cut, a mistake will be made. The piece will be too long, or too short, or too something. A little reflection will tell you that this problem wasn't caused by climate, but by a mistake in the plant. Kit makers generally tell you that they will replace any defective parts quickly and at no cost. Usually, a letter or a phone call to the maker will get quick results.

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How To Sell Furniture

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