Practice is Necessary

Sanding, as with all refinishing techniques, takes a little practice to perfect. But you get the hang of it in a few minutes. We especially recommend that you try the final hand-rubbed finish on practice wood before working on a newly finished piece.

As you sand and apply finish coats to the furniture, also do it to an extra board you can use for practice. Then, before you do any final sanding steps on the furniture. First do it to the practice board. This will give you confidence when you approach the furniture. The practice board takes only a few extra seconds of work, and it is worth it.

Mount a thin felt or cloth paa in a hand sander to rub the pumice and oil. Work back and forth with the grain. Do not remove the i-msh, but palish it; remove the gloss and tiny imperfections

Wipe the finished surface free ol oil and pumice with a clean solt cloth. Rub sufficiently to get rid of any oily feel

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