Plate Caster Construction

The plate caster differs from the style discussed above. It consists of a caster wheel attached to a metal plate or a metal collar. The metal plate is attached to the bottom of the leg by means of four screws, and the legs using plate casters usually are fairly large. The type that employs the metal collar is most often used on smaller legs, and the metal collar must be the right size to fit over the bottom of the leg, it is tapped in place and held there by small nails or screws.

Repair Method The major problem with a plate caster is splitting of the wood around the screws. To repair this, remove the caster and fix the split leg — usually by gluing it back together, or by gluing arid inserting a dowel for added strength.

One good way to reinforce legs that have been broken in this manner is to replace the plate caster with a metal-collar castcr,. since the metal collar helps to prevent further splitting of ihe wood.

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