Paste Stains and Varnishes

One feature of all kit furniture is ease of finishing. Hartley pioneered the use of paste wiping stains and paste wiping varnish on its furniture. Heath followed suit, and we anticipate that more and more kit makers will do so in the near future. Both materials arc applied in the same way as the jelled stains discussed in Chapter 8. The stains are incredibly easy to apply. They just wipe on with a cloth pad. There is no muss, no dripping, no overlapping of stain. If you can shine a pair of shoes, you can stain good furniture with a wiping stain and achieve a professional result.

The paste varnishes are equally easy to apply. The only difference between a paste varnish and a liquid varnish is that you must apply more coats of the paste varnish than the liquid to build up a good finish. While that may seem like a bit of a nuisance, the fact that the wiping is so easy and messlcss that you can actually do it in a living room more than offsets the time required.

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