Identifying Types of Wood

When you restore furniture, you don't have to worry about selecting wood for your de sign. The original milker did that. But you need to identify the wood so you know the best way to finish it. and what kind of wood to buy if any of the parts must be replaced. If you already know most common furniture woods at a glance, the problem is solved. If you don't, you can learn in a short time by visiting stores which sell lop grades of furniture. Browse around the store and check the labels and tags.

Look for furniture made of a wood named on the label, then study the wood for its characteristic grain and color. Keep in mind that the color very often is stain, and not the natural color of the wood. But after a few hours of this, you will he able to recognize most standard furniture woods.

In stores which sell lower-priced furniture, you will see pieces finished to look like a fine wood, but actually made of one of the lesser hardwoods. These are worth studying, too, in part to see what can be done with stains and finishes, and also to discover what each wood looks like when treated with different stains.

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