Identifying Joint Types

Anyone doing a simple restoration must bother with an understanding of joints because if you are going to talk to furniture people, and perhaps buy and sell furniture, you should be able to handle the jargon. In addition, you probably will find it necessary to make some of these joints yourself, as replacements for broken joints on the furniture you repair.

The eight basic woodworking joints are detailed below. There are variations on all of these, but once you can identify the eight, the variations will be evident, incidentally. because some types listed are quite similar, some woodworkers class them as one type. Also, some woodworkers classify certain variations as specific types in their own right. The mitered joint, for instance, is often called a basic type. So if you read other books, the number of basic joint types may vary. Don't be confused. While classifications may differ, the names and the way in which the joints are made remain the same.

Clip Art Picture Piece Wood
In an overlap T joint, the two pieces ot wood are not cul. Lay one piece over the other; secure with wood screws.
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