How to Buy Enamel

Modern enamels are the results of the paint chemists' wizardry, so you'll find alkyd-based enamels, latex enamels, and other formulations similar to those mentioned in the varnish section. All of these seem to be good for furniture finishing purposes. Enamels come in glossy, semi-glossy and flat. As a general rule, the glossy enamels are the best choice for finishing furniture. Semi-gloss enamels are satisfactory, but flat enamels shouldn't be applied to furniture.

Applying enamel is similar to applying varnish. If you are recoating a piece already enameled, remember that the new coat will not adhere properly to the old glossy surface. Either sand the old surface or use a "deglosser" liquid on it so the new coat has tooth

You don't brush out an enamel You lay it down in a full coat, sighting across the surface to see that you are covering properly. Brush marks disappear as the enamel dries

If you live in a humid area — the ocean-side, for example — you might want to allow a couple extra hours.

To apply enamel, tirst lay down a coal with long full strokes. Make sure that you cover the entire surface of the wood

When the surface is covered, go over the coal the other way. with the tips of the brush, to smooth out the brush strokes as you go

To apply enamel, tirst lay down a coal with long full strokes. Make sure that you cover the entire surface of the wood

Step 2: The First Enamel Coat Sand the dried undercoat with 4/0 paper, then apply the first enamel coat. Enamel should be applied like varnish. Lay the enamel on, but do not brush it out as if it were paint. Turn the piece so that you can work on horizontal surfaces. Enamel, like varnish, is self-leveling, but will only do this on a fiat, horizontal surface. Apply full-btush stripes of enamel to the surface, working in one direction. Then go back and use the bristle tips to brush across the strips to make the coat even and smooth. Be careful not to wipe the brush on the edges, causing drips and runs.

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