Good Old Furniture

Good old furniture, on the other hand, has real practical value after it has been restored. It, too, has money value, but not the immense price tag of the collector's piece. In all probability, a well-restored piece has a value at least equal to, and often more than, a similar piece available in the stores today. Under some circumstances. it can be worth much more than anything you can buy now. But the true value is that it pleases you. is useful, and perhaps has a history in your family.


Can you restore a piece of furniture? Can you do a worthwhile job that doesn't look like the botching of an amateur? Isn't this work really a job for an expert ?

Most people can restore furniture and achieve satisfactory results. That's why there are so many refinishing kits and materials on the market. People have tried them and found that they work.

The task is challenging at times, but not difficult. Mostly, you need patience and perseverance. A few skills are required but these develop quickly. A few tools are needed, but the list isn't long and the most expensive ones can be rented on a daily basis.

The usual cause of trouble for beginners is an overwhelming desire to get the job

Most pieces in antique shops are sound old This shows the original condition of the golden oak dresser on the cover More than 80 years old, the furniture from 75 to 125 years old dresser had been stored in an unheated garage for 16 years.

done yesterday. This work requires time and patience. Glue needs time to dry, and you can't hurry it. Surfaces must be sanded completely, not partially. One coat of finish has to dry before the next coat goes on. This is where the patience comes in. You have to work, then wait, then work, then wait again. If you plan the work in advance, allowing time between tasks, you can avoid most problems.

Practice each technique before trying it on your project. Get the mistakes out of your system on a practice board; then work on the project and do it right. The results will be better than you expected.

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