Finding and Buying Veneers

Veneer woods generally are available through specialty maii order houses. Constantino, in New York, and Craftsman, in Chicago, are two major suppliers, but a number of others advertise in the do-it-yourself and furniture magazines. Send for the catalogs of as many of these suppliers as you can find. They all sell veneering supplies as well as the wood, and aiso sell speciality items such as pre-assembled chess boards or emblems. You also can buy decorative inlay strips to use in conjunction with standard veneers to make beautiful table and cabinet designs. With these, you can veneer a tabie top. for example. and inlay a strip made of rare and exotic woods around the edges. One friend buys ready-made jewelry and other boxes at a craft shop. She applies exquisite veneers — lovely woods such as teak, zebra wood, rosewood, purpleheart and ebony — to these to make beautiful gifts.

Reading the catalogs of veneer suppliers provides an education. You learn the prices, sizes of sheets and strips available, and also discover what butt, burl, crotch and swirl woods are You find out about the different cuts — quarter, rotary and Oat. And you also begin to learn to identify rare woods, a useful ability for the restorer.

Recently, a new thickncss of veneer came on the market, the super-thin flexible variety. This has some remarkable advantages if you must veneer large surfaces. These veneers are sheets of real wood only V&i-mch thick on a thin, very flexible backing. They come in 8-foot lengths, and 18, 24 and 36-inch widths — much larger sizes than you can obtain in the standard veneers. You can avoid all the matching and jointing that goes with the veneering of large surfaces when you use the new type.

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