Drawer Construction

In good drawer construction, the sides arc normally dovetailed to the drawer front, and the back is dovetailed to the side-pieces. The drawer bottom fits into a groove in the lower parts of the sides and is held in place by small glue blocks on the bottom. To disassemble the drawer, first remove the glue blocks, then slide the bottom out. Finally, tap gently against the inside of the side panels to disengage the dovetails.

If the drawer has guides — and most big drawers should you will see them on the bottom. The guides are two parallel strips of wood in the center of the bottom, which fit over a wooden guide rail mounted in the chest or dresser. The drawer guide causes the drawer to slide straight in and out. with no sideward motion. If you must replace the drawer bottom, be sure to reinstall the drawer guide on the new bottom.

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    How to fix the center guide rail on the bottom of dresser drawer?
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